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OMG is here to give you the highest level of safety and transportation that your most dignified CEO’s deserve.


Comfortable vehicles. Smooth Travel. Reliable Vehicles. Experienced Chauffeurs. You hold yourself to an exceptional standard. Why not get the same exceptional service. We have all the space you need for your necessities. Water is available in all our vehicles.  Your time is valuable so we make sure our chauffeurs arrive early and offer any reasonably necessary accommodations.

Arrive in style for the event in a limousine. You wouldn’t promote anyone that doesn’t scream million dollar attitude. So show up in class looking and feeling like a million bucks.  You want the words OMG coming out before anyone even moves their lips.

Riding with OMG will make you feel like your Jordan Belfort, on the fast track to success. Leaving the office? OMG! Meeting with potential clients? OMG! Taking a flight? OMG! You’re chariot awaits wherever your business takes you.

You serve for our country, let us serve you. We make sure no matter where you are or where you are going you’ll get there on time, safely, and without problems. OMG chauffeurs have done it all.

From The United Nations General Assembly to just a ride to the airport we’ve handled it all before, and we’d be happy to do it again. OMG will get your dignitaries where they need to go safely and on time.


Every VIP client needs to be prepared for their important tasks at hand. But before any of that, they know they can take a breather to be stress free for a moment. With time always ticking and a huge to-do list, you never have to think twice about crossing “Find A Ride” off your list. Just grab your laptop and presentation and walk out the door. OMG will be there waiting for you. Every entrepreneur has a reason to say OMG other than out of anxiety.